Our mission is to provide a creative, safe, supportive environment in which aerialists of all levels can learn, train, perform and be inspired.

Recent Work

The students of Versatile Arts get plenty of opportunities to perform if they wish to! From casual end-of-session show-and-tells to informal variety shows to formal student shows, our aerialists get plenty of chances to show off their hard work!

2011 Student Show

In addition to our more casual ‘date...

Woodland Park Zoo Show 2011

Versatile Arts loves giving back to the...

January 2012 Date Night: Manuary

People often ask whether aerial performance is...

More About Our Company

About Versatile Arts

Versatile Arts was established in early 2007 as Seattle’s first full-time school dedicated to aerial arts for adults.   Starting out in a shared studio with a dozen students, VA quickly outgrew that space and moved into our own facility in August of 2008.   We now have three separate studios, 12-14 instructors, and offer dozens of classes per week as well as open gym sessions every day.   We teach a structured curriculum that has been refined over 9 years of operation, and we stress safety and control at all levels of instruction.  But we also love to have fun – with monthly shows, improv contests, dance parties, and clothing exchanges.
More than just an aerial studio, Versatile Arts is a thriving community.
Versatile Arts is a proud member of the American Circus Educators Safety Network for our dedication to creating a culture of safety in the circus world.

About Beverly Sobelman, Founder/Director

Beverly Sobelman has been obsessed with the aerial arts since her first class in 2003.  She has trained with many top-notch aerialists around the world and is part of an international group of instructors working toward improving the quality and consistency of aerial instruction.  In her previous life, she spent 18 years as a software developer, and has recently begun developing a set of software tools for use in the circus industry.  When not training or teaching aerials, she is likely to be tap-dancing, rock climbing, scuba diving, playing the piano, biking, gardening, or spoiling her three feline children.


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Recent Blog Posts

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Why Progressions are Important

I recently had an experience as a student that, while stressful and fairly traumatic, was useful in that it...

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Manuary vs the Womxn’s March

It is not lost on me that our annual “Manuary” show fell on the weekend of the biggest march for women’s rights...

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Learning Aerial Skills From Videos

Thanks to the Magic of the Internet, it is easier than ever to learn new skills from instructional videos:  how...

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2018 PNW Circus Workshop Weekend

We are delighted to announce our fifth Circus Workshop Event, May 25-28, 2018!  Click here for details and...

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By T Lawrence-Simon Circus is an amazing blend of physical effort and conceptual art. Whether it’s for...

May 25, 2013 |

Thoughts on Being Injured

A week ago, about two thirds of the way through the act I was performing, I felt a crrrrrunch in my rib cage.  I...

February 4, 2013 |

Pregnancy and Aerials?

By Adrienne Mays, aerial student and soon-to-be mother “I’m so excited I’m pregnant! Oh, I still have 5 weeks of...

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