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Phone: 866.887.5256


To reach any instructor directly, email <name> – e.g., will forward to Lauren.

Address: 7601 Greenwood Ave N.  |  Suite 103  |  Seattle, WA 98103

Getting Inside:  The entrance to our building is on 76th, under the green awning.  Use the right-most door, which is usually kept locked.  If you don’t know the code, ring the doorbell or call the studio phone (see below) and someone will give it to you.  Enter the code, then turn the knob clockwise to unlock the deadbolt.  Please lock the door behind you after you enter.  The Blue Room will be straight ahead of you; the Ballroom is beyond that past the red curtain; and the Cathedral is across the lobby to the left, through the open doorway, and up the stairs to the right.
Studio phone: 206.419.2456 (use this only to reach someone specific at the studio – i.e., to let your instructor know you are running late).  To schedule lessons, find out about classes and events, and all other general questions, use the main VA phone number above.

Mailing Lists

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versatile-arts(at) The primary Versatile Arts student mailing list, this is the one to join for class announcements, schedule changes, and general communication to the V.A. community.  When you sign up, be sure to indicate that you want to receive email from the list – the google default is “no email” so you must change it manually.
va-workshop-announce(at) Workshop announcement list, for both in-house workshops with our fabulous staff as well as guest-instructor workshops and our annual circus workshop event.
Versatile Arts Events This is a low-traffic list that is used just to announce shows and other public events at the Cathedral, such as our ever-popular Date Nights.  Use the form below to subscribe.


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