The Facility

Our current location opened in August 2008, The Cathedral is Seattle’s first facility that is wholly dedicated to the aerial arts. It is located in the Greenwood neighborhood, a quiet residential area a few miles north of downtown Seattle.

The Cathedral’s features include:

  • 28-ft ceilings;
  • Custom-designed beam clamps on all points;
  • Six fixed points for vertical apparatus, 3 for trapeze, and 2 single pulley points available
  • One 9′ crane bar on pulleys
  • Dance flooring over compressed rubber floor

The  building has two bathrooms with showers and provides free Wi-Fi.

In recent years we have expanded into two more spaces within the building: The Blue Room, excellent for small-group lessons and ground-based skills; and the Ballroom, a 600 sq ft dance studio with two 16′ aerial points.  Find out more about these spaces on our rentals page.

Other teachers are also welcome to use our studios for private lessons, workshops, and potentially classes if the schedule allows. Please contact us to find out rates and discuss scheduling.