Skill Levels

Versatile Arts divides aerial skills into four levels. The courses in our general Class Progression are named based on the level of skills being taught in each class.

Below are examples of skills at each of the four levels at VA. The complete list of skills in the VA curriculum, with their level and priority rankings, can be found in the Versatile Arts Skills Tracker. Log in to and select Personal Skills Tracker to access it.

Level 1 Skills

Includes basic aerial techniques, static moves, balances, and simple dynamic skills. Skills include:
  • Rope/Tissu:   Wrap and Russian climbs, catcher’s hang, fake flag, single and double foot lock, flying Dutchman, basic hip lock, salto.
  • Trapeze:   Knee beats, body beats, basket mount, bird’s nest, mermaid, angel, candlestick, gazelle, standing on the bar,  hip hang, front balance.

Level 2 Skills

Includes skills that require more strength, coordination, and/or body awareness than in Level 1.  Some dynamic skills are at this level but most are in level 3. Skills include:
  • Rope/Tissu:   straddle climb,  scissor hip lock, windmill (wheeldown), Brazilian eye, aerial dance footlock, angel drop
  • Trapeze:   Pullovers, rock & roll, montreal, single knee hang, egg in the ropes, amazon, catchers rollup, ankle hang

Level 3 Skills

Level 3 brings in most of the remaining dynamic moves as well as static moves requiring more strength, flexibility, coordination, or pain tolerance than those in level 2. Skills include:
  • Rope/Tissu:  rope beats, fancy catcher’s, double star, combination drops (salto star, etc), open dives, belay
  • Trapeze:   Pullovers,  hip circles, forward and backward rolls, ooze/drop to ankles, Russian roll, toe hang

Level 4 Skills

Skills at this level include rollups, release moves, and other advanced dynamic and strength moves.  A skill may be deemed level 4 due to any or all of the following:  difficulty, risk, pain tolerance, strength, flexibility.   Focus at this level is more on endurance, choreography, improvisation, and artistic expression. Skills include:
  • Rope/Tissu:   hiplock rollup, pinwheel rollup, pirouette
  • Trapeze:   single toe hang, back/front/side planche, back circles, pullover to angel