Adult Aerial Classes

Aerial Instruction is available to students of every skill level from rank beginner to advanced aerialist.  Below is an overview of our offerings; please follow the links for specific class listings and details.   Classes are 90 minutes long (unless otherwise noted in the class description) and include an in-class warm-up.

Session 6 runs from Nov 3 - Dec 21 with a break from Nov 25-Dec 1 for Thanksgiving
  • Brand-new aerialists should start with our ABCs, which are a series of drop-in classes covering basic aerial skills, techniques, and conditioning exercises.  Students may take these classes as many times as needed in order to feel ready to move on, and may also use them as refreshers of basics skills or even just a drop-in workout any time.
  • After the ABCs, we strongly encourage students to continue with our general  mixed-apparatus classes, starting with Aerial 1.  These classes cover skills on rope, tissu, and trapeze, providing a broad foundation in the aerial arts.  Students can then specialize once they reach the intermediate level.  Please see our Class Progression for an overview of our general curriculum.
  • We also offer more focused courses on the following apparatus:
  • But wait, there’s more!  We also offer courses in the following:
  • Most of our classes are offered in sessions of 7 to 10 weeks.  However, a few classes are offered as drop-ins:
  • Private lessons are a great option for students who are interested in trying aerials or are looking for more personalized attention to help improve their skills or develop an act.  Private lessons can be arrange for 1-4 students at a time.
  • Transferring and cross-enrolling students should refer to our Class Progression to get a sense of where they fit in our curriculum.  All transfer students must arrange a half-hour assessment so that we can determine the appropriate entry point for them.

Please use the links below or the drop down menu under this tab for the set of classes currently offered by Versatile Arts. Classes taught at the Cathedral by outside instructors are listed under Guest Artist Workshops.

Versatile Arts offers on-line class registration!  Go to and follow the instructions to associate a password with your email address.  NOTE:  Only existing VA students are able to use the online system.  If you are new to VA, you must first come in for an assessment, at which time we can add you to our system.