Aerial Dance

Aerial dance classes focus on using the floor to change the behavior of the apparatus and using the apparatus to change how you interact with the floor. Essentially, they will teach you how to view the floor as part of the apparatus, not just something to be used and abandoned.

Currently Registering for Session 3: May 4th - June 25th, 2018.

Rope and Harness

Thursdays from 7:30 – 9:00 PM, taught by Tamara in the Cathedral and Ballroom.

Rope and harness is just what it sounds like. You’re wearing a harness attached to one or two ropes from the front, back or sides. Access to the floor and partnering explorations offer myriad and exciting options for unique and wildly fun sequences and phrases. Invert, spin, run and circle without fear of falling or tiring your hands. WHAT?! Harnesses will be provided, but If you own a climbing harness, please bring it as this will cut down on changeout time.

Tuition: $182 ($10 late fee in effect April 27th)
Prerequisite: This class is appropriate for students at or above the Beginner Sequences level. You must meet the Beginner Skills graduation requirements or have your current instructor’s approval.


The following classes are not being offered this session – let us know if you are interested in them for a future session!

Dance Hammock

This class is not being offered this session.

You can rig your hammock at nearly any height, but when it begins to approach the floor all sorts of interesting relationships emerge. In this class we will explore the space between the fabric loop and floor, how these two can meet and interconnect to create spins, circles, transitions, mounts and supported floor choreography to enhance your hammock vocabulary or create an entirely new performative experience. No background in dance or hammock is required.

Prerequisite: This class is a Beginning Sequences (1B) class. You must meet the Beginning Skills graduation requirements.


Single Point Trapeze

This class is not being offered this session.

In this class, Tamara will teach you how to be friends with the floor and view it as part of the apparatus, not just something to be used and abandoned.

You will delve into the single point circle and techniques to finding it and finessing the apparatus within that momentum. You will learn to mount the apparatus, negotiate transitions, and dismount while flying and spinning, and learn how to maintain safety in that environment. There will also be some group and partner work on the floor as you learn to enter the space and interact with a suspended dancer safely and with intent and the possibility of joining a partner in short improvisational dances above the floor may arise.

This is an exhilarating workout and spinning is inherent in this work, but does not need to be dizzying so don’t let that stop you from joining us.

Prerequisite: This class is an Intermediate Foundation class. You must meet the Beginning Sequences graduation requirements.