New and Different

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to offer a class that doesn’t fit in any of our tidy little categories. We put those classes here.

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Currently Registering for Session 6: November 4 - December 22nd, 2017. Session classes will not be held the week of Thanksgiving (November 22nd - 28th).


Rope and Harness

Thursdays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM, taught by Tamara in the Ballroom.

Rope and harness is just what it sounds like. You’re wearing a harness attached to one or two ropes from the front, back or sides. Access to the floor and partnering explorations offer myriad and exciting options for unique and wildly fun sequences and phrases. Invert, spin, run and circle without fear of falling or tiring your hands. WHAT?! Harnesses will be provided, but If you own a climbing harness, please bring it as this will cut down on changeout time.

Tuition: $144 ($10 late fee in effect October 28th)
Prerequisite: This class is appropriate for students at or above the Beginner Sequences level. You must meet the Beginner Skills graduation requirements or have your current instructor’s approval.


The following classes are not being offered this session – let us know if you are interested in them for a future session!

Diamond Exploration

This class is not being offered this session.

The Aerial Diamond is a one of a kind apparatus. It exists as a 3 dimensional gemstone shape, but can also be used in different ways when hung upside down or eliminating one or more of it’s parts. We will explore movement and transitions in many configurations as well as adding other elements such as spanners or sling to offer myriad shapes and possibilities for partnering and creativity.

Prerequisite: This class is an Intermediate Development class. You must meet the Intermediate Foundation graduation requirements or have your current instructor’s approval.


Unusual Apparatuses

This class is not being offered this session.

In this intermediate class you will have the opportunity for guided play and exploration on unusual apparatuses. You will work on taking what you know from other apparatuses and applying the same principles to an apparatus that behaves somewhat differently. You may have seen the big, red hoop and the diamond in open gym. These apparatuses and others will be a part of this class.

Prerequisite: This class is an Experienced Intermediate class. You must meet the Intermediate Development graduation requirements on at least one apparatus or have your current instructor’s approval.


Sculptural Apparatus

This class is not being offered this session.

Playing with non-traditional apparatus jump-starts creativity and is a lot of fun! Working on frame, triangle and hoops of different sizes we will explore choreography and improvisation for individuals, duos and larger groups. You will also play with apparatus that imitate objects and help inform character-based aerial, like the anchor and walker.

Prerequisite: Graduation requirements for Level 1.

Aerial Burlesque Basics

This class is not being offered this session.

Being an Aerial Burlesque Artist doesn’t just mean wearing a sexy costume while doing your usual choreography. If you’re not “taking it off” and “owning your sexy”, you’re not doing Burlesque, and that’s exactly the crime I hope to keep you from committing. This workshop will explore the nuances of removing clothing in Burlesque style and character on aerial equipment. We will be spending most of the class time on troubleshooting aerial specific costume creation and reveal and of course time on the equipment exploring the execution of these arts. We will also discuss methods of “rigging” your costume to accommodate the range of motion required to perform aerial and I’ll be asking you to bring items that suffice for our purposes in this class. They do not need to be beautiful or “tricked out”. If you’re considering this type of performance, but not sure yet of the investment needed, I highly recommend a trip to Value Village or Red Light Vintage for things like garter belts, gloves, etc. Pasties can be purchased at many places online and here in Seattle. “Twirly Girl” by Miss Indigo Blue are more pricey than most, but the quality is well worth it.

Week 1

“Outer Vestments and Gloves”
“Rigging” (yes, that’s what it’s called) your costume for quick and or efficient removal. Bring a complete outfit including gloves or gauntlets and a wig, hat, or fascinator. Also bring character shoes if you have them or any pair of shoes that are not street shoes with no more than a 3 inch heel. NO SPIKE HEELS as they can poke holes in the mats.

Week 2

“Bra, Garter and Stockings”
Please bring a bra and garter belt and stockings. “Stay-ups” are ok, but you’ll still need the garter belt to keep them up till you want them off. Please also wear a pair of tights to wear under the stockings. We’ll discuss the reasons for that in class.

Week 3

“Corset or Waist Cincher or Belt”
Please bring anything you have that does NOT have a classic busk closure in the front. Hook and eye or zipper are ok. We’ll discuss how to keep those from getting caught on the equipment. A wide belt is a great option here if you don’t have or wish to purchase a corset or waist cincher.

Week 4

“Tassel Twirling”
Bring your own tasseled pasties and don’t forget the glue or tape. I will show you the method I swear by for keeping those pesky devils on when sweating and moving dynamically and discuss options for those with large breasts or unease with this part of the curriculum so don’t let that stop you from signing up.

Prerequisites: Students must be female and at least 18 years of age. Students must have at least a level 2 ability on any aerial apparatus. Please contact Tamara directly if you are unsure about your eligibility.