New and Different

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to offer a class that doesn’t fit in any of our tidy little categories. We put those classes here.

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Session 3 runs from May 5 - June 29

Flying Pole 2A

Saturdays from 2:00 – 3:30 PM, Taught by Enza in the Cathedral.

This class will focus on learning the basics of inversions and mounts on the flying pole. We will cover inside and outside leg hang, shoulder mount, and inversions from our leg hangs. We will review level 1 skills and add inversions into our sequences. We will focus more on conditioning in preparation for level 2b.

Tuition: $208 ($10 late fee in effect after April 28)
Prerequisite: Level 1 flying pole, level 1b in aerial, or instructor permission


Flying Pole 2B

Saturdays from 3:30 – 5:00 PM, Taught by Enza in the Cathedral.

This class will build on the inversions and mounts we covered in 2a while learning to move between them with fluidity. We will explore new skills and mounts such as special K, butterfly, and chest sit. A special focus will be put on choreography and aerial endurance.

Tuition: $208 ($10 late fee in effect after April 28)
Prerequisite: Level 2a or instructor permission


The following classes are not being offered this session – let us know if you are interested in them for a future session!

Aerial Burlesque

This class is not currently being offered

* Women identified students 18 years or older please.
This class will explore the definition of Burlesque and it origins and how it has evolved over time and through it’s recent resurgence as Neo-Burlesque. Each class will begin with discussions on costuming, choosing a stage name and the politics and ethics of Burlesque through the ages among other scintillating topics. You will be introduced to Burlesque specific movements including bumps, grinds, shimmies, shakes, strutting and of course, tassel twirling and how to manifest these on the floor and on aerial apparatuses. The goal is to come away with an understanding of this art and how to create your unique Aerial Burlesque act with the skills and information offered.

Diamond Exploration

This class is not being offered this session.

The Aerial Diamond is a one of a kind apparatus. It exists as a 3 dimensional gemstone shape, but can also be used in different ways when hung upside down or eliminating one or more of it’s parts. We will explore movement and transitions in many configurations as well as adding other elements such as spanners or sling to offer myriad shapes and possibilities for partnering and creativity.

Prerequisite: This class is an Intermediate Development class. You must meet the Intermediate Foundation graduation requirements or have your current instructor’s approval.


Unusual Apparatuses

This class is not being offered this session.

In this intermediate class you will have the opportunity for guided play and exploration on unusual apparatuses. You will work on taking what you know from other apparatuses and applying the same principles to an apparatus that behaves somewhat differently. You may have seen the big, red hoop and the diamond in open gym. These apparatuses and others will be a part of this class.

Prerequisite: This class is an Experienced Intermediate class. You must meet the Intermediate Development graduation requirements on at least one apparatus or have your current instructor’s approval.


Sculptural Apparatus

This class is not being offered this session.

Playing with non-traditional apparatus jump-starts creativity and is a lot of fun! Working on frame, triangle and hoops of different sizes we will explore choreography and improvisation for individuals, duos and larger groups. You will also play with apparatus that imitate objects and help inform character-based aerial, like the anchor and walker.

Prerequisite: Graduation requirements for Level 1.