Dance Classes

Versatile Arts is thrilled to announce that we are offering dance classes geared specifically for aerialists!  These classes would be fine for any dance student, but will be especially useful for aspiring aerialists who want to improve their form and quality of movement.

These classes will be held in The Ballroom which is located at the rear of the ground floor of our building.

The full-session cost for each class is $120 unless otherwise specified.  Register for the session in order to guarantee a space.  Drop-ins may be allowed according to space availability.


The following classes are not being offered this session – let us know if you are interested in them for a future session!

Ground Choreography 101

This class is not being offered this session.

Have you dreamed of creating ground choreography for an act but didn’t know where to start? We will begin each class with guided improvisations and games, then dive into tricks and tools for generating original movement phrases. Each week builds on the previous one, leading up to creating your own “mini solo” to be presented in an informal showing on the last day of class, so regular attendance is important! This class is a prerequisite to Ground Choreo 102: Floor to Air which will be offered next session.

Prerequisite: None!


Ground Choreography for Aerialists

This class is not being offered this session.

Have you wanted to create ground choreography for an act but didn’t know where to start? In this class, we will learn tricks and tools for generating original movement phrases, transitioning from ground to apparatus, and building choreography that enhances what you do in the air. No dance experience needed.

Prerequisite: You must meet the Beginner Skills graduation requirements to join this class.


Hip Hop Dance

This class is not being offered this session.

This class combines elements of of pop, lock, funk, and street styles of hip hop and is designed to keep you moving for the full hour! Come ready to sweat and have a ridiculous amount of fun. Suitable for all levels.

Prerequisites: None.

Quality of Movement

This class is not being offered this session.

Beginning at the ballet barre, we will explore the physics and geometry of ground based balletic and non balletic intentional movement that we then translate to the air using aerial apparatus. Using basic beginning/intermediate aerial repertoire, we’ll examine how the vocabulary we learned on the ground can give a reference point and deeper meaning to the small connecting movements we tend to rush through to get to the big tricks. Focusing on form, creating shapes, musical timing, and translating emotional impetus into beautiful and transcendent flow.

Prerequisites: None.

Beginning/Intermediate Modern Jazz Drop-In

This class is not being offered this session.

A modern, barefoot (socks!) jazz class for beginners and more experienced dancers alike. This Simonson technique based class starts with a thorough and balanced warm-up before moving into dynamic phrases across the floor and a combination. Incorporating movement vocabularies from jazz, modern and ethnic dance idioms, modern jazz focuses on musicality, expressivity and form to expand your personal movement potential.

Prerequisites: None.

Exploring Dance: movement, expression, and creation

Fridays Jan 31 – Feb 21 from 10:15 – 11:30 AM. Taught by Amy.

Wish you could “dance” but “can’t” because you’ve never formally trained?
Want to express something through movement, but don’t know where to begin?
Want to get out of your own head, quit remembering the steps and just feel the movement?

This movement-based creative practice is designed to cultivate strong dance technique, body awareness, and confidence in your own choreographic abilities. We’ll explore a variety of concepts created to help you move your body in new ways, discover different ways of dancing, and feel the sensations/emotions that arise. Through improvisation we’ll encourage self-exploration of your own movement style and means of expression while dancing. We’ll discuss how these exercises lead to creating movement that expresses with clarity and integrity. I hope to expand your beliefs of what dance is, how it should be done, and build confidence in your own dance and choreographic abilities.

This class will include a thorough floor based warm up, improvisation and some learned material. Be ready to move, feel, write, observe, discuss.

Prerequisites: None!

Beginning Modern Jazz

This class is not being offered this session.

Simonson jazz is an anatomically sound dance technique emphasizing rhythm, musicality and expressivity. The class progression includes a warm-up in the center, stretching, core work, patterns that move across the floor and combinations. We will develop a reliable vocabulary of dance fundamentals that can help you communicate through your movements. Dance is more than pointing your toes and stepping in time to the music – come learn to express yourself through dance and celebrate your human movement potential!

Prerequisites: None!

Lines and Grace

This class is not offered this session. Taught by Ileigh.
Tuition:  $144 ($154 starting March 1st)
Drop-in: $18

This Beginning/Intermediate level dance class is tailored for aerialists seeking those long ‘dancer lines’ and more graceful movement in their aerial work.   We’ll focus on lengthening muscles and connecting to your core to find joy and freedom in your movement.  We’ll dive deep into proper toe pointing, long straight legs and balletic carriage of the arms.  Class will consist of a warm up, center floor exercises and travelling sequences that draw from laban/bartenieff fundamentals, classical ballet and traditional modern techniques of Jose Limon and Lar Lubovich.

Prerequisite: If you are dropping into this class, you need to have some dance experience; if you are taking it for the whole session, there are no prerequisites.

I Just Want to Dance!

This class is not being offered this session.

Seriously.  I just want to put on some jams and MOVE!  That’s what this class is all about- dancing, moving, & having fun.  We’ll warm-up, work some steps across the floor and learn a short new sequence every other week.  You don’t have to worry about memorizing choreography or getting all the steps.  This is a class for you to move your body, improve your dance technique & body awareness, and most of all- enjoy how truly fun it is to dance.  It will be an eclectic blend of modern, jazz, funk and floorwork with just a little bit of good old booty shakin’.

Open to all levels.

Music requests for class?   Email me at

Prerequisites: none

Dance and Aerial Repertory

This class is not being offered this session.

This class will be a combined dance and aerial technique class that will culminate in a group performance piece utilizing multiple apparatus simultaneously.  You will learn choreography in a collaborative environment and also create some of your own dance and aerial sequences.   We will focus on performance skills and perfecting your movement to create a polished piece that we can perform at an upcoming show or date night.  Right now the project is inspired by Bob Fosse’s movement style and will most likely be a delightfully twisted, industrial version of the classic, “Hey, Big Spender.” (Feel free to check out the original piece on youtube from Sweet Charity.)

This will be a great opportunity to experience performing with others, really refining your dance and aerial technique and basically have a lot of fun! What do you say?

Prerequisite: Aerial and dance participation: 2 sessions of Aerial 1 or instructor approval. Dance-only participation: none.


This class is not being offered this session.

In this class we’ll utilize traditional ballet movement vocabulary to explore the aspects of line, body position, grace and fluidity. We’ll focus on dancing with the whole body and moving in an integrated fashion to build your muscle memory and thoroughly ingrain the fundamentals. Before you know it pointing your toes will be second nature and you’ll find strength and flexibility you never knew you had.

Drop-ins available with completion of a Ballet Fundamentals Workshop or prior ballet experience. It’s recommended to sign up for the session to guarantee your spot in the class as space is limited.

Prerequisites: none

Beginning/Intermediate Modern Dance

This class is not being offered this session.

In this class we’ll concentrate on moving in an organic, integrated, and anatomically sound fashion to unlock your body’s potential for movement.  We’ll explore floor work, play upside down, experiment with rhythm and musicality and discover ways to make your dancing dynamic and compelling.

Drop-ins available with completion of a Modern Fundamentals Workshop or prior dance experience.  It’s recommended to sign up for the session to guarantee your spot in class as space is limited.

Prerequisites: none

***Knee pads are highly recommended and available through Contact Quarterly.

Intermediate Ballet

This class is not being offered this session.

This class is designed to meet the needs of more experienced ballet students.  We will continue to refine our ballet technique by working on optimal alignment for our individual anatomies, proper muscle engagement, musicality and artistic expression.

Drop-ins available with prior ballet experience.  It’s recommended to sign up for the session to guarantee your spot in the class as space is limited.

Prerequisites: Prereqs- prior experience with ballet.  Students should have solid working knowledge of what traditional ballet vocabulary is and how it is supposed to be performed (not that anything has to be performed perfectly. That’s what we’ll work toward in class!)

Modern Dance & Aerial Technique

This class is not being offered this session.

This class will begin with a  condensed modern technique class so that we can spend the last half hour of class translating what we’ve experienced on the ground into the air.   We’ll follow the traditional dance class structure of warm up and technical exercises that culminate in a movement phrase but we’ll also include a phrase on apparatus. This last portion of class will focus on the “dance” of aerial work including interacting with the apparatus from the ground, replacing transitions with intentional choreography and moving with the entire body at all times.  While you may learn a new trick here or there, our focus will be on finding seamless, deliberate, and dynamic movement by playing with simple sequences in a variety of styles.

Prerequisites: Aerial 1 and Modern Fundamentals Workshop or instructor approval. Space limited to 12 students.

Fundamentals Workshops

These workshops are aimed at those with no prior dance experience and will provide the fundamentals needed to enroll in our ongoing dance classes.  They are open to all who want to learn or refresh the basics.  We will offer them periodically as demand warrants so please let us know if you’re interested! Current VA students can register using the online tool: – select Workshop Registration.  Non-VA students are also welcome – just email to save your spot.

Ballet Fundamentals: 

This class is not being offered this session.

If you’ve never taken a ballet class before or need a little refresher- this is the class for you.  Here we will be able to take the time to thoroughly explain the fundamental concepts of traditional ballet technique so that you’re ready to jump into the series class. You’ll learn the basic foot, arm, and body positions, how to do fundamental movements like plié, tendu, ronde de jambe and développé, how to move from one position to the next, and what “turn out” means for your body.

Prerequisites: none.

Modern Fundamentals: 

This class is not being offered this session.

Think you might want to take a dance class but don’t know where to start?  Then come to this workshop and experience a modern dance technique class at a slightly slower pace.  I’ll teach you my favorite warm up and the anatomical principles behind it, then we’ll move on to some key technical exercises that will prepare you for the modern technique series class.  The concepts we’ll explore include proper weight shifting and using the ground, moving in and out of the floor with ease and grace, experiencing upside down, the joy of momentum and how to be efficient in your movement.

Prerequisites: none.