These are the main vendors used by Versatile Arts for the most common equipment purchases. If you are hanging equipment for the first time, please make sure that an experienced rigger is involved!

  • Ropes: Custom Built Equipment,, (937) 372-7581.  They are in Ohio so figure in a 2-hour time difference from Seattle.  A standard Spanish Web is 32′ long but you can order them in any length.
  • Tissu:
    • Sal Tex in Los Angeles is where most folks are getting their fabric these days.  $5/yard, about a dozen nice colors, tested to 5000 lbs.  213-623-1447
    • Fabric Depot,, 979-758-3100.  They are in Texas – 2 hrs later than Seattle.  The fabric you want is the 40-denier tricot.  In recent years their quality has gone downhill, sadly.
  • Trapezes:  Versatile Arts!  We can make you a custom solo or doubles bar.  To tape the bar, you can use hockey tape or coaches’ tape.  Hockey tape comes from Big 5 sporting goods, coaches’ tape (get Johnson and Johnson’s) from Walgreen’s.
  • Spansets: West Coast Wire Rope, (206) 767-4144.   7777 7th Avenue South. You order them “pull to pull”, meaning the distance between the ends when you stretch it out. Most common lengths are 3’, 4’, and 18”.  The black ones are fine (different colors = different strengths).