2017 Workshop Weekend Schedule

Below is a (hopefully) helpful visual overview of the workshop weekend. Our large, upstairs studio is called The Cathedral. It is represented in purple. The darker purple is for the side of the studio rigged with ropes and fabrics, the lighter purple is for the side rigged with trapezes and pulley points. The blue columns represent The Blue Room. This is our downstairs small aerial studio with blue tumbling mat floor. The yellow column represents The Ballroom. This is our dance studio, with bamboo floors and two aerial points.

You will notice that Monday has no workshops scheduled. We want Monday to be your choice. Certainly, if any of our current workshops end up full with a waitlist, we will try to offer another instance of that workshop on Monday. But maybe there’s a workshop you want to take that we haven’t put on the schedule. You should absolutely email us and tell us about it! Let us know what workshop you want to take on Monday!

Here’s a link back to the workshop descriptions.