What should I wear for aerial class/practice?

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Please wear snug-fitting clothing that covers your midsection and all the way down your leg.   Thick tights are better than loose-fitting yoga pants.   Wide-legged pants are likely to get in your way.   Make sure your shirt fits snugly enough that it will stay in place when you invert.   Layers are useful and sometimes you will want a shirt with sleeves to protect your arms/armpits, but often you can get away with a tank top.   Cotton is better than nylon.  Neoprene ankle wraps can also come in handy for protection.


Make sure your clothing has no zippers, belts, studs, or anything else that could catch on the equipment.   We will ask you to remove all watches, rings, large earrings, etc, so you might want to leave your valuables in the car or at home to make sure you don’t leave things at the studio.


Please avoid using lotions, oils, or heavy perfumes before coming to the studio.   Your skin should be clean and dry, both for your own safety and to keep the equipment as clean as possible for others.   Do use deodorant.