Amy Neuburger

About 18 months ago, Amy had an epiphany, “I need to be in circus school! Why did I wait so long?” She enrolled straightaway and began trekking toward her first goal: to perform for real live people. This act, Feels Like the First Time, is just that – the requisite ‘first show’. Alternate act title was Out on a Limb, but this is not about trees. It’s about a person embarking on a journey that seemed a little… impractical, but ended up being just the thing.

They say growth & development from working on something new feeds the soul, and is a key factor in happiness. So true! Being a part of the Aerial Arts community has been a joy, and an affirmation that circus truly is as they say, for anyone. Amy thanks Coach Kim for her kind support & commitment to excellence, and her husband Jim for graciously carving out circus space in their lives.