Danya discovered a love for movement arts after watching the 1995 PBS recording of Riverdance, to be quite specific. Since then, she has enjoyed dabbling in many forms of dance, movement, and more recently circus arts. Inspired by the combination of athleticism, grace, and seeming magic of aerial arts, she favors tissu (although might be starting a new relationship with a trapeze, shhhh!). Danya’s current interests in the air include translating dynamic rope movements to fabric, hanging from one elbow, and spinning like mad! She is incredibly thankful for the community that circus and Versatile Arts in particular has created, and loves the friends, mentors, teachers, and students she has found through classes and performances. Most recently she is a member of the performing company Unfiction Works.

During the day she is absorbed in developing reusable products and sustainable materials. When not busily tying herself in knots, you may find her curled up with her cat listening to audiobooks, getting lost in the great outdoors, or attending metal shows.