Below is a (hopefully) helpful visual overview of the workshop weekend.

The workshops on the left are at Versatile Arts, 7601 Greenwood Ave N.  The Cathedral is the main studio upstairs. The darker purple is for the side of the studio rigged with ropes and fabrics, the lighter purple is for the side rigged with trapezes and pulley points. Downstairs are The Blue Room, shown in blue, and The Ballroom, shown in yellow.

The workshops on the right are at Arcadia, 943 NW 50th Street, about 10 minutes away.  There should be plenty of time to get from one space to the other during the breaks.  Founders studio is the main space, shown in blue-grey; The Loft is the upstairs space, shown in pale green; and the North Studio, shown in light grey, is just inside the main entrance.

You will notice that Monday has fewer workshops scheduled.  We want to leave time open for extra sections of the workshops that prove to be super-popular as well as private lessons and open training time so you can work on all of the cool stuff you learned.  If you have specific requests for Monday, you should absolutely email us and tell us about them!

The lunchtime topics are:

Saturday: Hip Flexors (PJ Perry):  Their role in aerial and why they get such an undeserved bad rap.  Learn the difference between the multiple hip flexors, when they should fire, and when they are a problem.

Sunday:  Creating a Training Regimen (Leah Jones).  There are so many areas to work on: conditioning, flexibility, cardio, skills, movement quality. Leah will talk about how she balances it all without neglecting some things or overtraining others.

Monday: Anatomy of Inversions (Emily Scherb)  Learn how your core, hips, and shoulders work together to turn your body upside down. We will discuss common mistakes and how to fix them to make straight arm straddle ups and even levers an achievable goal.

Here’s a link back to the workshop descriptions.

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