2017 Session Dates

Registration for each session opens approximately 3 weeks prior to the start date. Pre-registration cut-off is 1 week prior to start date, with a $10 late fee imposed after that date.

Session 1: Jan 2 – Feb 26, 2017
Session 2: Mar 1 – Apr 25
Session 3:  May 1 – June 25 with week of Memorial Day off. 
Session 4:  July 5 – Aug 22
Session 5:  Sept 5 – Oct 30 (current session)
Session 6: Nov 4 – Dec 22 with no session classes held November 22 – 28th.

For class offerings, please refer to the Session Overview or the Upcoming Session Overview page.

Weekly Calendar

Entries in purple indicate the Cathedral, in blue refer to the Blue Room, and gold take place in the Ballroom.

Pink entries are from our training calendar, which shows when independent training is happening in the space.

Entries tagged with all caps (e.g., “CLASS”) indicate exclusive use of the studio.