One of the questions I get asked most often is “How do I increase my grip strength?” which is almost immediately followed by “How do I prevent injury, cramping and fatigue while working on grip strength?” Two questions, one answer: by harnessing the power of the Rice Bucket.

The rice bucket workout is a great supplement to any grip strengthening regime when used to create balanced musculature. Balanced musculature increases overall strength and dramatically decreases discomfort [cramping and fatigue] and the chance of injury.

Sound good? Not sure where to start? The bucket at Versatile Arts (located next to the North rosin bin upstairs) has a list of exercises pasted on the side. Use the resistance of the rice to create strength and balance. When first starting out, repeat an exercise for 30 seconds, or until fatigue sets in – which ever occurs first. Train with the bucket twice a week, or after each regular workout – not to exceed three times per week in the beginning. Once this starts to get easy, increase the duration of exercise to 45 seconds and eventually one minute.

Some of my personal favorites are listed below:

Iron Fist – Stab your fingers deep into the rice and then make a fist. Retract. Repeat. This is my hand. I want it strong.

Screaming Talon – Stab your fingers [together] deep into the rice and then open your hand wide. Retract, palms away from you. Repeat. Your hand is afraid of the rice. The rice should be afraid of your hand.

Fists of Fury – Embed fists deep in rice. Rotate one direction. Don’t worry that you can’t see. Fear is the only darkness. Breathe.

Fists of Fury, Part II – Embed fist deep in rice. Rotate other direction. Seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions.

Eagle Claw – Stab rice with fingers together and claw at it. Don’t be tender. An eagle can break a wolf’s back with one strike.

Crush the Pebble – Grab handfuls of rice and attempt to make gruel out of it, quickly and repeatedly. Only the undisciplined spill rice on the floor. Control the rice. It is your destiny.

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– Jenn Q