The state of the COVID pandemic continues to fluctuate. Our policies as of Jan 6, 2023 are as stated below but are subject to change based on local case counts and mandates.


Full COVID vaccination (meaning all available boosters) is strongly recommended for everyone training at Versatile Arts in order to minimize the risk of severe illness in case of infection. We have, however, dropped it as a requirement because of our belief that it is no longer an adequate safety measure in terms of preventing transmission, and in fact can lead people to a false sense of security.


Masks are currently optional for all studio activities. High-risk students should talk to their instructors about requesting that all class members wear masks if possible. You may also email us in advance to make that request. We strive to accommodate all of our students’ needs but acknowledge that there may also be students who specifically cannot train in a mask due to physical or psychological issues; thus we will pass along a mask request but not require it of all students.

Times when you should wear a mask regardless of the current policy:

Watch this space as our policy is likely to change based on current COVID statistics and/or local ordinances should they be reinstated.

If you test positive for COVID

Despite the CDC guidance that an individual may end isolation 5 days after symptom onset regardless of test status, Versatile Arts requires you to obtain a negative rapid test result before returning to in-person activities. We will continue to provide COVID based refunds/make-up credits to encourage everyone to err on the side of caution.

If you are (potentially) exposed to COVID

The situation around quarantining and/or testing after possible COVID exposure has become increasingly complex to navigate. As of March 4 2022, Versatile Arts has defined the following policy:

1. If you or someone in your household/pod is exhibiting symptoms OR if you have been notified of a first-degree exposure (meaning someone you were with at an event/restaurant/etc) has tested positive, you must test or quarantine before coming in.
2. If you have been in a situation that creates a higher risk of exposure, such as attending a large gathering, traveling by air or train (whether domestic or international), or having visitors to your home from higher-risk areas, we do not currently require testing/quarantining but ask you to mask at the studio for 10 days.

Meeting the testing/quarantining requirement would mean meeting at least one of the following:
– at least 5 days “clear” – meaning since last symptoms or last known possible exposure (this is based on current CDC guidelines but….longer is better)
– a negative PCR test taken 3-5 days after exposure/last symptoms
– at least two negative rapid tests taken 2 days apart (ideally one of the brands known to detect omicron, such as the BinaxNOW and the Quidel QuickVue)

A negative rapid test taken immediately before coming to the studio is a fairly good indicator that for the next 5-7 hours, you are unlikely to be spreading COVID, but is good for that day only.

If you have questions about whether your specific circumstance calls for testing before returning to the studio, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

Hand Hygiene

All participants should wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival. Hand sanitizer is available in all studios and should be used before handling any rigging.

Equipment Sharing/Spotting/Partner Work

There are no current COVID-based restrictions regarding partner practices, equipment-sharing, or physical spotting.

Surface and Equipment Cleaning

Any mats used by a participant during their training should be sprayed and wiped after use. Mat cleaner and hand towels are available in all studios.

Tissus and slings are laundered monthly. All other studio surfaces are cleaned at least weekly.


The exhaust fan in the Cathedral draws air up and out of the whole building and is run any time there are multiple people training. When the weather permits, the front doors are kept open to provide additional air flow.