As we all know, 2020 has been a challenging year for many small businesses and arts organizations. Versatile Arts is hanging on, but the closures and restricted operations have been hard on us. We know we have a passionate and generous community out there rooting for us, so we have decided to offer supporting memberships a la Patreon, but through our own membership system. We call this the Versatile Patrons program – or ViPs.

ViPs will receive tickets to all online shows as well as invitations to members-only events that might include watch parties (The Aerialist, anyone?), AMAs with your favorite coaches, special workouts …who knows what else we might come up with to show you our gratitude?

The ViP levels are:

Star: $10/month

Arabesque: $25/month

Gazelle: $50/month

Amazon: $100/month

Use the Membership Payment page to set up your recurring supporting membership. (A VAMP account is required and can be created here). Make sure to click the Subscribe box to make this a recurring contribution. You may cancel at any time.