COVID update: mixed-apparatus classes are back as of Sept 2021!

At Versatile Arts, we believe that aerialists of all levels can benefit from developing skills on a variety of apparatus. Our mixed-apparatus classes include rope, tissu, trapeze; upper-level classes may also add some lyra, sling, cloud swing, and net.

The following are the set of mixed-apparatus classes currently offered by Versatile Arts. Consult the course progression and skill levels to determine which class is most appropriate for you, or schedule an assessment and we’ll help you figure it out.

Our core curriculum classes, for example: Aerial 1A or Rope/Fabric 2B are classes that focus on learning the core Versatile Arts curriculum progression. The focus in these classes is on understanding the core skills at this level and building the strength and technique to execute them proficiently. Students will drill fundamental skills and learn sequences combining both existing and new skills in order to understand the how skills can be linked together and to build endurance.

For named classes at 2B or 2C level, example “Sequencing and Transitions 2B”, the level of these classes indicates the minimum level requirement that a student must have in order to enroll in the class. Material in these classes can be adapted for students working at higher levels. Classes of this type often are more exploratory in nature, and may not focus on fundamentals or provide set, structured curriculum.

Classes at the 2C level are for students who have competency in the foundational level 2 skills, but lack the strength or technical requirements to move on to level 3. Students at this level will continue learning skills appropriate to their ability, work on sequencing, and begin looking at the basics and theory for core level 3 skills, while gaining the strength and technical prerequisites to move to level 3.