Learn more about the VA youth program from Lauren Kehl, founder and prior director of the program

Versatile Arts offers youth classes at all levels for students age 11-17. Students who have not yet turned 11 should check out the classes at SANCA. Students who have had some experience will need a student assessment to find out which class fits them best. Email us to set that up.

Please note that because our youth program is quite small, we cannot always accept new beginning students. If there are no intro-level class listed below, you can contact us to set up private or shared private lessons for them.

To register for class the first time:

  1. Fill out a release form for each student. This is an online release form; no need to print anything. It will automatically create an account for your student(s) in our system.
  2. Look for a VAMP New User Account confirmation email (sent from vamp.messaging@gmail.com) with information about how to log in to the registration system.
  3. Once your login is set up, click the “Register” button underneath the class you want to take.

The youth class level description are:

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Other questions? Please email our youth program director and she’ll be happy to answer them.