Around the World in 18 Acts

Date: September 17, 2022  •  4:00 pm and 8:00 pm

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Around the World in 18 Acts

The world is finally opening back up, and the Versatile Arts students are dreaming of all sorts of exotic places! Buckle your seatbelts as we take you to destinations near and far (and really, really far) with our  2022 fall show: Around the World in 18 Acts!

We’ve got a 4 pm matinee show and an 8 pm evening show, with completely different lineups for each show – make sure you buy tickets to the right one if you’re coming to see a specific performer! Here are the lineups (not in show order):


YADSO: Bethany Jones, Ethan Doyle, Mary Strehl, Nastassya West
Heather Griffin
Caitlyn Leason
Leah Perlmutter
Elizabeth Young
Brenna Baker
Mikey & Emily Eberle-Levine
Jo Burkholder
Patty Steele-Smith


Tae & Aurelia LaBrasseur
Rachel Liu
Lisa Luengo
Aina Grifell
Gentry Sanders
Lara Roche-Sudar
Wei Low
Annalise Ritter
Liz & Lara

Ticket are $25 adult, $40 VIP, $12 youth 12 and under.

There will also be livestreams of both shows, for those who can’t join us in person, and those recordings will be available for 2 weeks after the show date. Livestream tickets are available at 3 price tiers; you may select whichever tier feels best to you. Note that the link to the show may not be available right away but will be sent to you no later than the day before the show.

For in-person performances: masks are not required but are strongly encouraged. Our air circulation system is loud and can’t be run during performances. Please keep each other safe.