Silver Foxes Presents: Everything Old is New Again

Date: February 25, 2023  •  4:30 pm and 7:30 pm

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Silver Foxes Presents: Everything Old is New Again

11th Annual Silver Foxes Show – Everything Old Is New Again

This year marks the eleventh annual Silver Foxes spectacular where performers of a certain age wow audiences with an undiminished ability to defy gravity, time, and the expectations of society as they flirt with, and enter, their Golden Years. You will remember many of tonight’s performers from some, many, or all of the previous shows but even the youngsters tonight will serve as living, flying, and swinging proof that the ravages of time are mere guidelines. So here they are; eleven years later and still standing.

You will have a choice between in-person and recorded viewing. Seating capacity for the live audience will be held to 70, so get your tickets early!

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a 4:30 matinee and moved the evening show to 7:30 pm. More chances to see our Foxes in action!

Fabulous Foxes:

Beverly Sobelman
Randi Morrison
Jo Burkholder, Ishya
Meredith Armstrong, Adrienne Mays, Autumn Needles
Mary Aikenhead
Amy Neuburger
Kelly Ward
Amy Bomar, Garet Nenninger
Dana Flips, Orville Zharoff
Patty Steele-Smith
Kevin Ruddell