What We Do in the Circus, a Goth Soiree

Date: October 14, 2023  •  7:00 pm

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What We Do in the Circus, a Goth Soiree

Versatile Arts is celebrating Spooky Season with a goth themed Soiree. Our soirees are parties with performances, and this one is sure to fright and delight!

Only $10 cover! Costumes encouraged! (But you’ll still need to take your shoes off.)

This event is BYOB. You are welcome to bring [adult] beverages, but glass is not allowed upstairs. We strongly recommend cans or single-serving drinks. If you bring something larger, please do not leave any open bottles around.

Note: This is an adult event, and also a Halloween event. There will be loud music, coarse and crude lyrics, and possible stage blood. There will also be projected horror films.