Before leaving home

  1. Make sure you have signed the COVID-19 consent form
  2. Prepay for your lesson, or have a credit card on file or money in your account or points so we don’t have to handle payment on site
  3. Fill your water bottle
  4. Change into your workout clothes
  5. Pack inside-only shoes/slippers if desired
  6. Pack your spray rosin if you have it, or bring a small bag for us to put some rock rosin in for you.
  7. Bring a personal bottle of sanitizer if you have one that you want to keep near you while training
  8. Make sure you have a clean bag to store your mask in when not wearing it, as well as a spare mask in case yours gets saturated. A face towel is a good idea as well.
  9. Take your temperature if you are able to do so at home
  10. Do your PT/as much of your warmup as possible

On Arrival

  1. Mask up! Cloth face coverings are required in all common areas.
  2. Ring the doorbell and then wait outside the studio until your instructor lets you in. If others are waiting, maintain 6’ distancing on the sidewalk.
  3. Once inside, maintain proper distancing with others also waiting to be checked in. Look for the spacing indicators on the entry ramp.
  4. Check in with your instructor or other monitor on duty. They will ask you the daily screening questions, take your temperature using a contact-free thermometer if you did not take it at home, spritz you with hand sanitizer, and sign you in.
  5. Remove your shoes and outerwear and place them, along with anything you don’t need to have with you, in a cubby in the lobby. Choose a cubby unit away from other people stowing their things in order to maintain 6′ distancing.
  6. Put all belongings you want to have with you in a bin.
  7. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  8. Follow directional signs indicating which stairways go up and which go down, to avoid crowding in stairwells. Go upstairs via the main Cathedral staircase; go down using the chapel and ballroom staircases.

During Your Lesson

  1. Maintain at least 6ft of distance between you and anyone else in the studio at all times
  2. Wear a cloth face covering. Coverings may be removed while taking breaks on the ground. If your breathing becomes labored, take a break. It takes time to adjust to exercising in a mask.
  3. Follow proper mask handling protocol (as posted in the studio) to remove, store, and replace your mask.
  4. Wash or sanitize your hands before you begin training, any time you remove or replace your mask, any time you touch your phone or other device*, and any time you leave the room and reenter. There is sanitizer and a hand-washing station in the Cathedral, and you may wish to keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your bin. (*or disinfect your device before using)
  5. Only your instructor may rig, change equipment, and touch studio audio devices, computer, light switches, fans, etc.
  6. If using VA aerial equipment, use only the equipment you have been assigned.
  7. Stay at or near your assigned point.
  8. Put everything you may need during your lesson (rosin, notebook, phone, water) in your bin and keep it by your point.
  9. If you need to use the restroom, make sure to wash your hands first; close the toilet lid before flushing; touch as few surfaces as possible with your hands (use elbows, paper towels, etc) and wash hands again after.  Prop the bathroom door open when you leave.

After Your Lesson

  1. Allow your instructor to de-rig your equipment if using your own.
  2. If you are storing your equipment at VA, place it in its own container and store it safely in your allotted place. If you are taking it home, put it back in your bin with the rest of your belongings.
  3. Disinfect any mat you have used or worked over. There are spray bottles of germicide in each studio. Germicide must sit for 10 minutes in order to be effective so do not wipe right away!
  4. Carry your bin back to the lobby.
  5. Collect any and all personal items from your bin and cubby. Do not leave anything behind.
  6. Spray your bin with disinfectant and set aside in the lobby where directed.
  7. Do not linger in the lobby after your session. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.
  8. Wash/sanitize your hands before leaving the building
  9. Feel great about the fact that you are able to train again!