2024 Spring Show: The 7 Deadly Sins (evening)

The students of New Moon have been hard at work (except those given to Sloth) creating an absolutely wicked show that they’re very Proud of. Come join us for an absolutely Gluttonous feast for the eyes.

Show Order

Cadaxa Chapman Ball

Lusty Silks

Vicky Thrasher

Prideful Lyra

Christine Pinho

Prideful Silks

Canruo Zou

Slothful Sling

Andreas and Amy

Slothful Duo Trapeze

-- Intermission --

Valeria Cid Garza

Lustful Silks

Julie Vernon

Gluttonous Rope

Kristiyan Iliev

Prideful Silks

Laina Goss

Gluttonous Silks

Emily Gunter

Greedy Chains