Since she could walk, Macy has had an irresistible urge to climb and test her limits, so when she discovered circus she knew immediately she had found one of her greatest passions in life. She thrives on the combination of creativity, artistry, and physical challenge that circus offers. Macy spends most of her energy in the air on straps and rope and also has extensive training in the art of contortion. She was a part of the San Diego Circus Center’s preparatory program in 2020, where she enjoyed exploring new disciplines and expanding her skill set. Her fierce determination, dedication, and positive outlook contribute to her down-to-earth and playful teaching style. Macy has been teaching and assisting at Versatile Arts for several years and has been fortunate to have many technical mentors as she transitioned from youth student to aerial coach. What Macy loves most about coaching is encouraging her students to try new things, getting to watch their confidence grow, and seeing their joy and surprise as they realize their bodies’ potential. When she’s not upside down or tying herself in knots, she’s either experimenting in the kitchen, reading, off on a hike, babysitting, or doing college work.