Join us for a week of workshops and camaraderie from Aug 29-Sept 4! Workshops range from beginner-appropriate to intermediate/advanced, so please check the prerequisites for each one before registering.

To register, if you do not already have a VA login, you must first fill out our online release form and then set up your password at (Or, if you use a gmail account on the release form, you can skip the password setup and use the Login with Google feature). Then you can log in and use the workshop weekend registration page, or push the big button above.

Early registration goes til Aug 16, after which 10% will be added to all workshop costs.

There is registration fee of $5 per workshop up to a max of $15, which helps cover our costs for things like lunchtime talks and group warmups. Open gym time is also included with your registration.

Some workshop prerequisites mention levels from the VA course progression. Please contact us if you are unclear as to whether you meet the prereqs for a given workshop.

If the workshops you want fill up, please put yourself on the waitlist. We may be able to offer some additional slots for the workshops that prove to be the most popular. During times when no workshops are scheduled, our spaces are available for private lessons and open gym, as long as a staff member is present.

Refunds/Cancellations: We reserve the right to cancel any workshop with fewer than 4 participants and will provide a full refund in those cases. Students who cancel their registration before the Aug 16 deadline (which is 2 weeks in advance) will receive an 80% refund. Cancellations received less than 2 weeks in advance but more than 48 hours in advance will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations less than 48 hours before the first workshop are not eligible for a refund. Transfer requests received less than 2 weeks in advance will be subject to a 10% transfer fee in addition to the 10% late registration fee.

Scholarships: We have some funds available from our BIPOC Scholarship Program to support workshop registration for BIPOC-identified students. Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a workshop event scholarship.

COVID policies: Masks are optional but strongly recommended after travel or any other increased risk of exposure. Any student or coach may request that everyone wear a mask, and we ask that you honor that request if possible.

Coming from out of town? Here’s some handy visitor information on housing and transportation.

Questions? Email us!