Advanced Fabric: Unlocking Your Potential

Friday, November 19, 2021 from 7:30-8:45 pm in the Cathedral  •  Cost: 40

In this fabric workshop we’ll focus on…unlocked drops and skills! This workshop is designed to be an introduction to unlocked rotations and flips, so if you’re terrified of being in charge of ‘catching’ this workshop will be a great introduction!
Please arrive as warmed-up as possible so that we can spend more time on the material and less on group warmups. You may use the Chapel for warm-ups before the workshop.
Prereqs: locked double star, windmills/wheel downs, 3-4 inversions in a row.

This workshop is part of a weekend event with visiting instructor Adam Woolley. You may register for more than one workshop at a time using our workshop event registration page. A 10% discount is applied if you register for 3 or more workshops. Early registration ends 11/17, after which prices go up $5.