Choreography and Solo Act Creation

Saturday, July 1, 2023 from 3:00 - 5:00pm in the Blue room and Ballroom  •  Cost: $120

Description: In this two-day workshop (July 1st and July 2nd), we’ll start building the framework for creating a solo act that highly emphasizes musicality. If you have never created an aerial act and don’t know where to start, this is for you. Or if you’re a seasoned performer and would like to refine your choreography skills and have some structured guidance as you build a new act, please join us as well! Come in with a piece of music, headphones, and a notebook, and leave with a blueprint for an act and concrete steps to bring it to completion!

Prerequisites: Stamina to stay in the air for 3 minutes

Apparatus: Any aerial apparatus

Angela comes to the Seattle area from San Francisco, bringing 14 years of experience in aerial silks, as well as sling, aerial chains, dance trapeze, and duo lyra. She first began learning silks in 2009 with Rain and Sarah of the Paper Doll Militia, after randomly seeing them perform. She was immediately captivated, signed up for a class the next day, and has not gone more than a few weeks without climbing a fabric since then. Angela strives to make the aerial arts accessible to people of all body types and abilities, and believes that aerialists at any level can create amazing acts; you don’t need to have years and years of experience first.

Angela has been teaching and performing silks since 2010, with an emphasis on choreography and act development, including directing showcases at several Bay Area circus studios. She is also a founding member of Dahlias Entertainment, a modern circus company based in San Francisco, and she has performed with The Dahlias, as well as with Chrysalis Circus, Intrepid Talent, La Maison Aurora, Entire Productions, Last Wave Productions, and Circosphere.

Now based in Bellevue, Angela teaches through her private studio, Full Bloom Aerial Arts (