Flying Pole Intermediate Plus

Monday, May 2, 2022 from 6:30-8:00pm in the Cathedral  •  Cost: $55

Details: This workshop focuses on cleaning up fast spins, working towards two-points-of-contact inverted shapes (i.e. ayeshas, dead-lifts, spinning dead-lifts, iron-X, etc), and more advanced shapes and combos. This workshop can also accommodate students who have more advanced aerial or pole experience, even if they do not specifically have flying pole experience.

Pre-requisites: Established familiarity with pole or other aerial apparatus. Ability to execute basic aerial invert (and working towards advanced inverts), complete longer combos, and comfortably spin for longer periods of time. Full-coverage form-fitting clothing strongly recommended for class.

Register before May 1st to avoid a 10% late fee.

Vix Nolan is an aerialist and pole dancer from San Francisco, CA. For more information see:
Insta: @vix.n.aerial