Ground to Air Transitions for Single Point Trapeze

Sunday, August 29, 2021 from 9-11 am in the Blueroom/Ballroom  •  Cost: 60

This workshop will cover a variety of low ground to air transitions that can be adapted to other aerial disciplines. We will explore movement pathways and short phrases, bringing dynamic movement to restricted space. The student will leave with a range of skills and tools for their own further development. Students may wish to bring a long-sleeve shirt and socks or other skin protection.
About Leah Brooke:
Leah Brooke is an aerialist based in Barcelona, where they are engaged in contemporary circus movement & dramaturgical research at La Central del Circ. They are also involved in independent performing arts production. They were previously based in New York, where they worked with Constellation Movement Company, Circus Warehouse, House of Yes, and many others. They have worked and trained in circus globally for over a decade.