Tactical Technique on Trapeze

Thursday, April 7, 2022 from 4:00 - 5:30pm in the Cathedral  •  Cost: $50

Femme FenixCamille Swift (a.k.a, Femme Fenix) is a professional aerialist from Chicago with 11 years of training and practice in static trapeze, dance trapeze, and aerial sling. She has performed and taught in France and throughout the United States. Her classes and workshops focus on dynamic movement in the aerial arts, building strength and honing technique for maximum efficiency and ease in the air, performance with power and precision.

Tactical Technique on Trapeze – Thurs 4/7 @ 4pm – 5:30pm – $50
Augment your technique on static trapeze by learning the key concepts behind dynamic movement and fundamental drills designed to increase power and efficiency.
Beneficial to any student, beginning or advanced.

Students must be able to do a pullover from a beat.

Register before April 1st to avoid a $5 late fee.