The VA team has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the King County guidelines for fitness-related businesses. You are welcome to read the full Phase 2 plan  but the salient parts are summarized below. Some of these steps may seem excessive, but as always, your safety is our highest concern and we would rather do too much than too little.

Our original reopening plan was based on the four-phase approach outlined by Washington state at the beginning of the pandemic. That approach has since been replaced by the 2-phase Roadmap to Recovery, which thankfully allows us to re-reopen in a limited capacity. As of Jan 11, 2021, we are reworking our offerings to align with the new local guidelines for fitness operations. (We are self-identifying as a low-risk activity based on the fact that gymnastics studios and climbing gyms are also in that category.) We are updating our Phases of Reopening document, which provides more details as well as detailed instructions for participants.

For a lighthearted-but-informative explanation of all the new safety procedures check out our new PSA video .

What you can expect when you return to the studio:

A note or two about training in masks:

Quarantine protocol:

Versatile Arts is following the CDC and DOH recommendations for quarantine after potential exposure, air travel, or participation in activities outside of what is currently allowed by local ordinance. If you may have been exposed, have traveled by air (or other long-distance public transportation), or have engaged in behavior not currently advised by local ordinance (e.g., attended non-socially-distanced, un-masked indoor events with people outside of your household), please observe the following before returning to the studio:

NOTE: if you have been fully vaccinated – meaning you are at least 2 weeks past your second vaccination – you do not have to quarantine. You do still have to follow all other COVID protocols at the studio.