The VA team has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the King County guidelines for fitness-related businesses. You are welcome to read the full Phase 2 plan  but the salient parts are summarized below. Some of these steps may seem excessive, but as always, your safety is our highest concern and we would rather do too much than too little.

Our original reopening plan was to start with cohort-based point rental/individual training whenever King County moved to Phase 2. However, with the modified Phase 1 allowance for one-on-one instruction, we have reorganized our plans and will start with private lessons, and as of July 8 are adding small-group classes. Please see our Phases of Reopening document for more details as well as detailed instructions for participants.

For a lighthearted-but-informative explanation of all the new safety procedures check out our new PSA video .

What you can expect when you return to the studio:

A note or two about training in masks: