Versatile Arts has been closely monitoring the updates to the King County business reopening phases, and updating our offerings accordingly. As per the Roadmap to Recovery plan, King County is in Phase 1, which allows individual coaching as well as “stable groups” of up to 5.  We are taking a conservative approach due to our limited ventilation options and the need to change out equipment between classes, so will be limiting classes to 4 and using either the entire Cathedral or the combined Blue room and Ballroom spaces for group activities.

An overview of our planned phases of reopening is presented below but is subject to change based on what the county determines is allowable.

Allowed as of Jan 11, 2021:

1. Coaches-Only Training

VA coaching staff allowed 2-hour training slots 2-3 times per week, on personal equipment or assigned studio equipment.  Max of 2 people in Cathedral (using points as far apart as possible), 1 in Ballroom (unless already part of same household). Staff responsible for disinfecting all equipment they use as well as common areas used (bathrooms, cubbies, office, etc).

2. Private Lessons

Private aerial instruction involving one instructor and one student. Lessons with more than one student will be considered if those students are a “stable group”  – i.e., they have formed their own training pod and always train together. At most one lesson will be scheduled in each downstairs studio at a given time, and at most two in the Cathedral, with no more than 4 students in either area at once. Masks are required for all participants. Staff handle all rigging changes, sanitizing hands before and after. 30 minutes scheduled between lessons for disinfecting mats, changing out equipment, and instructor break from mask-wearing.

Because of the requirement for physical distancing, hands-on spotting will be limited and thus we will initially be offering only instruction to intermediate-level students and up. We will add beginner-level lessons once we feel that we can safely do so.

Instructions for Private Lesson Students

3. Point Rentals

Point rental using personal equipment, for intermediate/advanced students and professionals previously approved for drop-in training. Reservations may not be longer than 2 hours, $15/hour. Renters may arrive 15 minutes early for check-in and setup. Participants may do their own rigging if signed off on use of the pulley or ascender systems; otherwise a staff member must be available for rigging. Hands must be sanitized before and after use of any rigging equipment.

Note that the points in the Blue Room and Ballroom are for low-impact work only; drops and other more intense activities should be booked on the Cathedral points.

Renters should follow the general Instructions for Private Lesson Students regarding what to do before and after their rental.

4. Small-group classes

One-hour classes, max of 4 students at a time, no sharing of equipment except by explicit consent of all students. Personal equipment may be used but must be left at the studio or dropped off well in advance of class in order to be pre-rigged. No mixed-apparatus skill-based classes will be offered since each student will stay at their own point. Schedule to include a minimum of 60 minutes between classes for re-rigging and sanitizing.

Instructions for Group Class Students


Not back yet:

2.3 Reservation-based Open Practices

In late July, we  brought back open gym in the form of reservation-based Open Practices with limited slots per room. They have not yet been reinstated due to the requirement for stable training groups/cohorts.

These practices are offered as drop-in classes through VAMP and may be signed up for up to 2 weeks in advance. Participants may use their own equipment or Versatile Arts’. Capacity will be limited to 3 in the Cathedral and 2 each in the Blue room and Ballroom. Sessions are 2 hours long, which includes 15 minutes on either end for rigging and striking/disinfecting.

Participants should follow the general Instructions for Private Lesson Students regarding what to do before and after their training session, replacing “instructor” with “open practice monitor.”