Brand new aerialist?

Is this your first time trying out aerial classes? Start with our adult ABC classes and check out everything you need to know before your first class.

Youth introductory classes are available here.

Train somewhere else?

Because every studio’s curriculum is different, we require all visiting/transferring/cross-enrolling students to schedule a half-hour assessment ($45) so that we can determine your class level. For open gym, we require a short, free orientation and evaluation so that can ensure that you are safe to train on your own and familiar with VA policies. Please email to schedule your assessment or open gym evaluation.

Visiting professional?

We love hosting visiting aerialists at Versatile Arts! If you’d like to come to open gym, just email us to set up a time for a quick evaluation so that we can ensure that you are safe to train without an instructor present. We’ll also give you a quick orientation. If you’re a professional and would like to train or rehearse outside of open gym hours, that can also be arranged but we do encourage you to contact us in advance.