Silver Foxes – Saturday Night


A Silver Foxes presentation

We’ve all heard it before. Some “Old Fogie” droning “when I was your age” or “Whaddaya mean, OK BOOMER.” Focusing their Hindsight on the glory days while the golden years slip away.

But at Versatile Arts 8th reincarnation of the Silver Foxes Show – a perennial favorite – you won’t be hearing any of that. Our performers, all of whom have reached “late middle age” and some of whom are eligible for Social Security, have a different take on Hindsight. Through their aerial exploits you will see poignant stories of life’s lessons learned. But also, you’ll see our performers looking back in Hindsight and thinking about the mistakes… that they wish they had made much sooner.

Show Order

Lori Lynch

Ann Patterson

Adrienne Mays & Meredith Armstrong

Jo Burkholder

Mary Aikenhead


Amy Bomar

Kevin Ruddell


Karen de Luna


Producer: Ishya
Tech Lead: Martin Albion
Lights: Philip Beber
Photography: Kristi Thomas
Videography: Nina Legout
Stage Tech Lead: Sandra Kopriva
Stage Crew: Kayley Bebber and Alex Goldstein
Door: Garet Nenninger
Dance Choreography: Alex Goldstein