Silver Foxes Video Extravaganza

Well, if there’s one thing we Silver Foxes know, it’s that you just can’t predict what life is going to throw at you. Who knew there would be a global pandemic right when we were trying to have our annual show?

But Foxes are crafty, so instead of giving up, we are getting creative. Instead of doing shows for live audiences, we’re doing a closed showing of the acts for the purpose of getting professional-quality video and photos of these amazing and dedicated performers. As luck would have it, we are also able to live-stream this event so that folks at home can watch and enjoy. Just note, however, that we will be working with a minimal crew so the transitions between acts may be a little…informal. Think of it as an opportunity to see behind the scenes a bit.

Show Order


Ann Patterson

Adrienne Mays & Meredith Armstrong

Otis Beauregard Payne

Amy Neuburger

Kelly Ward

Amy Bomar

Jo Burkholder

Mary Aikenhead

Randi Morrison

Producer: Ishya
Tech Lead: Martin Albion
Lights: Philip Beber
Sound: James Ewing
Photography: John Cornicello
Videography: Michael Poggenburg